Out of School Care (Term-Time)

Breakfast Club


Our Out of School care is open to children who attend Thackley and Idle Primary school. 

During our morning sessions you can be assured your child will have a relaxing and fun start to their day. Quiet and relaxing activities are available such as drawing, reading, board games and pretend play.

We open at 7.30am and children are provided  with a wide range of breakfasts including cereals, toast, eggs and porridge. (Breakfast is served until 8:30)

At 8:20 we start to get the children ready for school. Thackley are walked up first followed by Idle. Children walk together in pairs with Reception and Year 1 children holding hands with staff. If there are not enough staff members hands for them they are paired with a child in Year 5 or 6. 

Staff will supervise children in the playground until school opening time. 

*Snow Days*

Jigsaw will always be open during the morning of a potential snow day. We will keep children at Jigsaw until school start time (Often 10am). 

Should schools decided to close you will be contacted  and asked to make your way to Jigsaw to pick up your child.  For more information please view our snow day policy. 

After-School Club


Our afternoon session are filled with fun and give your children space to either let of steam after school or to just chill out and relax. 

After school staff will meet your children in our designated spot in the Thackley playground and Idle's hall.

Younger children will be collected from classrooms. Children will be paired together and will walk down to Jigsaw. 

While at Jigsaw your children will have acess to our three designated rooms and our private garden. They  will have the chance to read, draw, play footballs, make dens, watch TV, play gamesstations, pretend play and socialise with friends. 

A light and health snack will be provided when your child arrives from school. Examples of our healthy snacks are; wraps with a choice of fillings, Bagels, Warburton thins, Fruit Loaf, Sandwiches and selection of fruit and vegetables. 

Water and milk are provided all afternoon.